In the premises of our company, today we hosted the members of the Local Community Kotorsko. The present owner of Enterijer factory and the founder of DMDE company, wanted to inform our guests about the new negotiations considering the factory. Among others, the topic of conversation was the huge potential in the capacities of the former furniture factory. The fact is that there is a big interest in the factory and that at the moment, we are searching for the best solution in order to restart the factory and create new workplace. The members of the Local community were satisfied with recent activities and expressed readiness for cooperation.  We all hope that this project will restore the faith of Kotorsko citizens  and that more of them will decide to be a part of the factory’s revival process by offering their help and support. We wish that this cooperation continues with the best results.  Together with the founder of the company Mirsad Durmić, also present on the meeting were the president of Kotorsko Local community Fehrat Isić. Vice president Mehmed Trnjanin and the member of Kotorsko Citizens Association, Vahid Mešić.

Muzaffer Çilek visited Enterijer in Kotorsko


Turkish businessman and founder of BIGMEV foundation Muzaffer Cilek, visited the former furniture factory Enterijer, during his visit to Doboj. Mr. Cilek used this opportunity to meet with the founder of the company DMDE, who is also the new owner of Enterijer factory. Together, they visited the factory and talked about strategies to restart what was once a very successful factory. Cilek was very interested in raw material base because of the installation of new production capacities. This project is of huge importance because the factory is located in a community where most of the population are returnees. Also present on this meeting were Obren Petrović, Enes Suljkanović and Imam MIZ Bajro ef. Džafić.


Today, our company gave a present to the Local Community of Kotorsko, hoping that our friendly cooperation will continue.  Given their wish and need for a photocopier, we have decided it to be the ideal gift. For them, it will be of big help because of their work with parties and citizens. The guests present on this donation were: vice president of Kotorsko Local community Mehmed Trnjanin,  member of Council Zehrudin Delić and secretary Jasminka Krdžalić.


On Saturday, December 24, 2014, our company had a board meeting in the premises of IFS EMMAUS. The reason of the gathering was summing up of shared business impression in the previous ten years of existence. To our great joy, most of employees are satisfied with the present mode of operation.  We used the opportunity to vote for team members who earned to be rewarded because of their previous work and behavior. This time, rewards were given to 5 employees, but we will tend to make it an annual practice. Further, we want to thank our business partners and friends from IFS EMMAUS, who in the name of our long-term cooperation, provided their facilities and high-quality service without monetary compensation.



Just as we announced, our company’s vehicle fleet now boasts with three new trucks MAN TGX with Euro 6 emission standards. They are ready to cross numerous kilometers, safely transporting the goods to destinations all across Europe.  They will definitely prove worthy of our clients’ trust, and we also hope to gain trust of new potential clients.


In the last ten years of our company’s existence, our goals was to make a positive and distinguished image. Our vehicles follow modern technology and satisfy European standards with their equipment and quality. We still strive to one goal, therefore, our vehicle fleet boasts with three  

new trucks MAN TGX with Euro 6 emission standards, which will be on the road by September. Our goal is to gain and justify the trust of our clients, and this is the reason we try hard to offer proper business cooperation.

We want to inform our respected business partners that the state in our country caused by natural disasters is improving, and that we are trying to continue with agreed business, as much as we can, considering that the roads and border crossings are still closed. We hope that the roads will soon be open, so we are able to carry on with transport to all destinations.

From today, our company owns a JCB machine for doing construction work. Together with three new trucks, our vehicle fleet is richer and consists of 47 trucks and 46 trailers. We own 35 high-quality silo trailers, 11 kip trailers and previously mentioned machine that our company plans to lease. All our vehicles have a motor with EURO 5 emission standards, according to European standards, and all our drivers own Certificates of professional competence. We work hard to respond to our clients’ demands with responsibility, and to build our company’s image with a trustworthy vehicle fleet.



Since its existence, DMDE was always striving to support sports organizations from Doboj Istok municipality, especially those with shelves full of trophies .One of those organizations is the Athletic Club “Doboj Istok”, which is successful from the very beginning of its existence.

 Therefore, we hosted the club to express our readiness to offer moral and financial support. It was our pleasure to meet the president of the club, Mr. Jasmin Mujić and multiple champions: Salkić Mediha, Junuzović Osman, Konjić Emina and Mrkanović Belmin. Despite the poor conditions for training, they still achieve significant results. Hereby, we want to thank them for being our guests and to wish them good luck in forthcoming competitions.


Director of Sisecam Soda Lukavac, Umut Bariš Donmez, visited our company in order to expand our business cooperation.

For many years, DMDE has done business with soda factory Sisecam Lukavac, to mutual satisfaction. Considering that is it the end of another successful business year, this is the right time to sum up the results and make new deals for further cooperation. This is supported by the fact that in 2014, the turnover will increase by almost 50%, in relation to realized turnover in 2013. Given the capacity of our company, it is important to mention that we are open for cooperation with other business partners whom we can guarantee quality of our transport services.