History of DMDE

About us

The decision of company’s establishment was made in 2014, in a period that was very adverse towards domestic entrepreneurs, due to the transition period of the country and the achievements of the competition.

The core business of the company was object demolition, earthwork, mining jobs and domestic transport. All previously mentioned factors created an instinctive feeling for survival and development, in an extremely adverse environment and difficult conditions.

After the last century turbulent period that Bosnia and Herzegovina went through in the ‘90s, the family company was taken over by Dino Durmić, with a new vision of company’s management, making new base for work and development in XXI century.

The main focus of business shifted to domestic transport. International transport becomes a vision of development, and connection of resources from Bosnia with Europe becomes our mission.

March 3, 2004, the company is registered as DOO “DMDE“, and this date is considered as the beginning of our corporate business.

Besides domestic transport, company begins with transport between European countries, taking a role of International transport completely. Since the competition was developing fast, we had to learn fast and invest in our personnel so we could take our place on the market of south-eastern Europe.

In 2008, the company starts transporting coal for Natron Hayat and other significant clients on the domestic market, which allows company the transport of approximately 200 000 tons per year.

In 2010, we have set new trends by getting a license for International transport. The company starts with the transport of wheat from Hungary, Serbia and Croatia with aluminum kipp trailers, which makes part of our transport portfolio. With the experience we gained through years concerning the domestic market, our well-coordinated team with modest recourses, soon earned a reputation on a selective market of clients that are specialized for this kind of transport.

In 2011, the vision of industrial transport is being realized by completely  focusing on transport of bulk material in silo trailers. We specialized our vehicles for this kind of transport,  according to our client’s needs.

Our mission becomes to offer to our domestic and international clients in the region of south-eastern Europe, a solution in this specific kind of transport characteric of big manufacturing systems.

In accordance to high requests of quality and precision,  in 2011, the company bought  11 new silo trailers, operating due to market needs.

In 2012, we provided GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate, meaning that we verified our high standards for transporting  animal food . At the same, we  time countinued with our investments, in very difficult market conditions on the  domestic ,as well as European level.

Meeting our clients’ needs, we countinued to build our own future, showing that  even a crisis can be an opportunity to prove efficacy.

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